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  1. @montre cartier or et acier imitation пишет:

    montre cartier or et acier imitation

    My dogs are so furry, that dog hair is a condiment in the house. “Ketchup, mustard, mayo, or dog hair? Oh, you already *have* the dog hair? How about covering it up with some ketchup then?”

  2. @cartier anelli prezzi copia пишет:

    cartier anelli prezzi copia

    In fact, she or he were living about what the metropolis demanded with regards to inexpensive construction. As per metropolis signal, the particular revenues cost with the gadgets could very well primarily maximize with a manageable amount to get a amo…

  3. @faux boucle d'oreille van cleef пишет:

    faux boucle d’oreille van cleef

    You know what I’m probably thinking of Koush, not JRummy… I get those two mixed up all the time for some reason.

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