AIIB extends 140 mln euro loan to Turkey´s Antalya airport operator

Вопросы и ответыРубрика: Обсуждение клановAIIB extends 140 mln euro loan to Turkey´s Antalya airport operator
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She is not back in Britain yet but she has booked straightway to come home.’

But I knew she would be okay.

Saudi Arabia and Brunei are making their Billie Jean King Cup Juniors debuts in the tournament this week, for players 16 years and under, that will determine which teams qualify for the main junior event to be decided later this year.

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BEIJING, April 17 (Reuters) — The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank said on Monday it has extended a 140 million euro ($153.66 million) loan to the operator of Turkey’s Antalya airport to improve its existing runway capacity and terminal infrastructure.

ISTANBUL, Feb 7 (Reuters) — President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday declared as a disaster zone the 10 provinces affected by the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey, imposing a state of emergency in the region for three months.

Anyone in the UK with information can call Durham Constabulary on 101, quoting incident number 325 of June 30, while those in Turkey can go to a local police station or call the emergency number on 112 / 115.

‘The pilot came on to inform us we were going to have to do an emergency landing due to a medical incident on-board.

We had to land with all our cabin lights on and it was quite scary because you know that is quite dangerous.

Antalya-based SunExpress carried 10.7 million passengers mainly between Turkey and European countries last year with an 85% load factor, exceeding the pre-pandemic levels, according to information provided at the news conference.





Pictured: Speed boat skipper, 22, accused of causing the…

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‘Full of fun’ British father-of-four, 55, tragically killed… The Celtic midfielder was replaced after a challenge with Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir to leave Klimkova sweating over her fitness with just over three months to go until New Zealand’s World Cup opener against Norway in Auckland on July 20.

Banks of tents are being erected in stadiums and shattered city centres, and Mediterranean and Aegean beach resorts outside the quake zone that use the winter months to prepare for summer tourism are opening up hotel rooms for evacuees.


Passengers knew something was wrong when there was a commotion at the front of the plane, which took place on Tuesday, August 23.

Two weeks on she remains in hospital

Two weeks on she remains in hospital» class=»blkBorder img-share» />
After the accident, the mum was rushed to hospital for two major operations having broken seven vertebra in her spine and her pelvis as well as an internal bleed.

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‘I was worried to death to tell you the truth.