Classic Interior Design Styles Defined

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This is the ultimate breakdown of interior design as our Decor Aid designers and team members were frequently asked by our customers to explain the distinctions between different styles of interior design.


Many people mistake minimalism as an uncomfortable, cold style of interior design. This isn’t the scenario. There’s actually an alternative to minimalist interior design (warm minimalism) which is full of simple, clean elegance.

Think simplicity, refinement and a shrewd touch of luxurious functionality and comfort. Keep the rooms well-edited with a minimalist decor and non-printing fabrics.

When thinking minimal interior design styles trends take a look at a contemporary art gallery or museum for inspiration. They have a drawn-together approach to filling up a space with the barest of essentials that have a full sense of drama either organic or abstract.

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Modern interior design is often confused with modern interior design. However, the two are distinct and unique.

Modern style is all of the moment while modern interior design trends can represent anything innovative from the 50’s to the early the aughts. Contemporary interior design styles offer more freedom, as contemporary design tends to be centered by graphic lines, squares and a distinct take on modernity.


Interior design is almost always built on traditional concepts. This is for good reason. You can make the traditional interior design your own, by incorporating pieces that are distinctive and speak to the person you are.

Consider the above room. Sure, it’s got layers of depth and depth, the traditional overstuffed beige couch and Persian rug, and the necessary Louis VI chairs, but what makes it different from other rooms of the same style is the contemporary, modern lighting fixture, as well as the art piece that sparks conversation.


After exploring the meaning of traditional interior design and considering the picture above, it’s likely you’re wondering, what’s the difference between transitional and traditional design for interiors?

The blend of modern and traditional furnishings as well as tried-and-true décor styles makes the transitional style unique. They keep the room from appearing too formal. This is especially helpful if you are looking to mix the styles of interior design after being married or moving into a new house.

The best transitional style interior designs are characterized by a surprising mix of elements which creates a comfortable and relaxing space.


Taking inspiration from the outdoors and a blend of industrial and farmhouse interior style, rustic decor is a focus on natural and weathered finishes such as raw wood, stone and leather. It also includes unorthodox touches and an overall sophisticated bent.

We love how the room depicted above is a vibrant assortment of striking furniture like the custom-made plush sherpa sofas, industrial-inspired wire pendants and distinctive leather chairs. We’re all for contemporary interior designs that combine various components to create a gorgeously created, unique space.

French Country

French Country, similar to modern transitional interior style, is a mix of farmhouse design, shabby style, and old French elements. The style of interior design is elegant and cool with a refined appeal.

To decorate your home, take note of this room with its timeless sofa, Louis VI chairs redone with a mid-century modern geometric pattern, a diversified mix of art pieces, and a minimalist coffee table, its all about a varied but well-judged combination of juxtapositions.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic has been criticized for being mistakenly labeled as granny decor, but this isn’t the case.

Shabby chic has its roots in vintage and antique French furniture and design, with an extremely comfortable twist, and most importantly, it is a timeless style that is rooted in vintage and lived-in. The soft and feminine, shabby chic marries traditional style features of interior design with subtle farmhouse-inspired touches .

Imagine a white sofa with distressed wood and a few ornate gold accents like a gold French mirror.


Even though we do not like themes in interior design but there’s something relaxing and comforting about a mix of coastal and beach elements that can bring a space to life.

Interior design that is coastal features light, bright and airy settings often depicted in vibrant neutrals which absorb the sun’s rays. The most common coastal color palettes are influenced by shades of light blues and greens. They also include the various neutrals as well as creams that create a relaxing and elegant style.

These coastal-inspired projects, like this San Francisco residence, often have contemporary interior design styles which give the design a surprising contemporary twist.

Hollywood Regency

Popular from the 40’s to the 60’s, and up to the mid 90’s, Hollywood Regency is one of the most timeless and exciting interior design styles there for consideration as it delightfully blends Art-Deco stylized elements and shapes and a sophisticated feeling of high-polished glamour. Think of a mixture of vintage French furniture, crisp lines, bright pops of color and ultra-glam elements brought in through mirror, crystal, and shiny surfaces and finishes.

Hollywood Regency is a style of interior design that may be considered as traditional, but it’s certainly not retro. It is always characterized by modern, upbeat vibe.


Scandinavian design for interiors are becoming increasingly popular. If you have any inquiries relating to the place and how to use House design, you can contact us at the webpage. They are characterized by a calm and uncluttered simplicity that is appealing to everyone. Scandinavian interior design is functional in a certain degree and minimalist. It emphasizes organic shapes with subtle appeal. Colorful accents are brought in via art and one single fabric like rug or a small throw.

Scandinavian interior design, which is one of the most sought-after modern styles of interior design is the careful and balanced mix of elements. Though there are plenty of designs for interiors that are influenced by Scandinavian interior design but we’re taking it all in because this is a design trend worth observing.

Urban Modern

For the ultimate in urban living, Urban Modern design is ideal for urban living since it combines the finest of contemporary modern, modern, and industrial influences to create a dazzling and timeless style of decorating. Imagine the Big Apple with a mesmerizing combination of trendy features from different eras brought together to bring a house to life with a statement-making design.


One of the oldest and well-loved interior design styles available bohemian interiors are effortless and relaxed freedom that’s definitely a frenzied and thrilling. The eclectic style is a mix of vintage and antique furniture, as well as exotic items that are sourced from passionate flea market treks. There are also the glitz of everyday life through crystals, beaded fabrics as well as jewel tones, and a relaxed vibe.

This might be the best interior design option for your living room If you already have a selection of unique furnishings and enjoy the idea of beautifully rendered contrasts.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century Modern is likely to be one of the most adored styles for interiors of all time. It takes all the best styles of the 60s and 50s to create a sleek retro Danish style. Mid-century fashion is distinguished by its simple, straight-forward design, organic shapes, quiet fabrics, and focus on function. That said, the movements are not bent, which makes it a great option when trying to modernize traditional interior design effortlessly.

Mid-century modern furniture makes an excellent choice for any living space. It is used in a variety of ways to produce enriched different interior design styles. This is a style that is sure to succeed.


Industrial interior design lends a masculine, clean and minimalist look to any space. Consider a neutral color scheme that incorporates reclaimed machinery, moody shades, rough woods, unfinished metals, and ultimately, statement-making throwbacks with some steampunk-like vibe.

We do not recommend an industrial interior design for smaller houses since it requires a lot of space in order to accommodate the bulky, sometimes oversized elements.

If you’re looking for industrial interior design styles you can use small amounts of this style movement by adding decorative metals on shelves or in small corners.


The style of eclectic is a mix of modern and bohemian styles and has an adult style. The focus is on high-energy, eye-catching furnishings. Think bold color palettes and textures, paired with patterns and patterns for an eclectic mix that is both functional and eye-catching.

Not to be mistaken for the spirit of a free-willing nature The concept of eclectic design is about consistency, a consistent palette and, most importantly the ability to go in imaginative directions while focusing on the subtleties.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse décor is an excellent choice if the warmth, comfort and practicality are essential for your preferences. It also provides a more relaxed design. Comfortable and warm, the modern farmhouse is inspired by the rustic. This mix of high-low contrasts works well for growing families.

Imagine rustic country elements and modernized with modern, Scandinavian, and minimal design for spaces which are unique, taking the full advantage of architectural imperfections.

Modern Country

Modern country style has layers of rugged and organic elements to create a warm and inviting interior design. From exposed beams to treasured industrial finds, the look is sophisticated yet a bit natural.

Art Deco

If you prefer the more ornate and jewelled style and glitz, this throwback to 1920’s fashion might be right for you. The art deco style of interior design instantly brings opulence, elegant stylish, elegant and chic it was regarded as the epitome of style in the 1920’s.

Asian Zen

Asian Zen interiors are minimalist but they are unique and multi-layered.

Feng Shui

Feng shui doesn’t only refer to how you arrange your furniture. It’s more about a concept to help create balance in your home to create harmony. It will certainly bring peace to your daily routine.