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Version 3.54:

Get ready to unleash the true power of Dark Elixir…




Introducing the mysterious Dark Barracks and ultra cool new Dark Barracks troops!


✔ Minions: These fast flying menaces rain down deadly acid on their foes.


✔ Hog Riders: Hammer in one hand and hog reins in the other, these mighty warriors leap over walls and go straight for enemy buildings.


✔ Valkyries: Armed with mighty two handed axes, these maidens unleash whirlwinds of doom upon everything around them.


✔ If you happen to see dark tombstones, you’ll know you’re being visited by these awesome new Dark Barracks troops.




Having trouble with walls?


✔ Improved Wall Breaker training techniques have revolutionized the cunning of these fearless demolitionists. Wall Breakers now maximize the potential of each and every bomb, avoiding decoys and distractions.


✔These crafty new Wall Breakers demanded a bit more elbow room, so they now take up two camp spaces.




Usability improvements!


✔ Players now have an option to move multiple wall pieces at one time. Yay!


✔ Troops can be deployed near obstacles, so no more getting lost in a sea of flags.


✔ A new laboratory screen lets you browse available upgrades even while an upgrade is already in progress.


✔ Ever wondered how much loot can you get from single players levels? Well now you can find out, just by tapping the map.


✔ The Battle Results screen now shows your loot with spaces between numbers (100 000 instead of 100000).


✔ A handy total destruction percentage is now included in the battle log.


✔ If a Barracks is being upgraded, its queued troops no longer count towards the «Troop capacity after training» count in the Barracks’ training screen.




Super Performance!


✔ Our code wizards have made the game run silky smooth, even at the high levels. This means better control over battles.




Improved game balance!


✔ Wizards and Dragons now do small area splash damage


✔ Decreased training time for P.E.K.K.A


✔ Decreased training cost for Dragon and P.E.K.K.A


✔ Increased hitpoints and damage for level 1-2 P.E.K.K.A and Dragon